Adopt a House

It is very pathetic to know that still there are thousands and thousands of villages in the country where the electricity has not reached. The citizens are still living without power supply in their households. Through this mission we all are trying to bring light in those houses in the easiest possible way and in the shortest possible time through solar powered lighting system and by motivating people to adopt one or more households or complete village as per one’s desire.

The mission has been started from the Village Poore Basawan Lala Ka Purva, block Bihar, distt. Pratapgarh, U.P. where all the 70 houses have been provided with this facility of solar powered home lighting system. This has not only brought happiness in the villagers lives but also will contribute a lot in their increased economic, educational etc activities.

Let us move forward to bring light in other remaining villages. Though the task is enormous, yet we are confident that slowly and steadily we will be able to illuminate each and every village of the country with the help and commitment of people like you through this small beginning.

Each Home light system will cost only Rs. 21000. Any one can adopt one or a number of houses on his own or with the help of other like minded people as a group as well. You can also adopt only a part of house lighting system like single light, single lamp, single fan etc.

Right below is given the names of villages that have been shortlisted as second and third project of our mission HAR GHAR SOORAJ HAR GHAR ROSHAN.

Korali, Distt. Kothihar, Allahabad, U.P.
Sarai Rah Korari, Kothihar, Allahabad, U.P.

We will be taking up other projects after the completion of the above mentioned projects. The list of other village projects will be informed on this website as soon as we finalize them.

When you pledge to adopt one household or number of households, you will be informed the exact place that has been illuminated by your help. It will be published on the website only with your prior permission.

The cost of one complete household lighting system is Rs. 21000 inclusive of Tax, transportation, installation, office support etc.

One household lighting system consists of up to 5 LED bulbs, 1 Fan, 1 Reading Lamp, 1 lantern having mobile charging facility, batteries and Solar Panels.

If you want to adopt a household or number of households, you can send your proposal at

right below is the list of villages that have been illuminated or shortlisted for this purpose.


Serial Number Name of Village Address No. of Household Status
1 Poore Basawan Block Bihar, Distt. Pratapgarh, U.P. 70 Completed
2 Korali, Majra Jitender Nagar Pasiyan Kodihar, Distt. Allahabad, U.P. 70 Under Process
3 Sarairah Korari, Majra Pasiyan Kodihar, Distt. Allahabad, U.P. 40 Under Process

The list below contains the name of honorable citizens who have contributed to bring light in the life of people who were earlier living without light in their  houses.

List of honorable House Adopters

Name of Village Name of person/Organization Photograph Number of Household Adopted
Poore Baswan Saadar India 70